Pastry, catering, wish 55 years next to you with an obsession to quality Traditional products 55 years next to you with an obsession to quality

Andreas Stavrakas SA

55 years ago, the first STAVRAKAS pastry shop was created in Lefkada, as a simple sole proprietorship. Over time, the name STAVRAKAS was completely identified with the quality, while the demand for our products increased significantly, gaining the largest share of the local market. As a result, there was an urgent need to expand our facilities in order to ensure a significantly higher production capacity. Specifically, in the year 1999 a significant investment of 1,680,000 drachmas was made.

Thus, from this year until today, the company, under the name ANDREAS STAVRAKAS SA operates in a privately owned space of 1,200 sq.m. with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment that meets all the requirements …

Loyalty card – STAVRAKAS CLUB

The company ANDREAS STAVRAKAS SA is a pioneer once again and gives its customers the opportunity to collect points with the membership card “STAVRAKAS CLUB”. The registration is done in any STAVRAKAS store or online & the collection of points starts from the first purchase.

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Company products

  • General Pastry (Pastes, cakes, etc.)
  • Catering services (receptions, conferences, etc.)
  • Traditional products (Nougat, pastel, Fig, etc.)
  • Fresh milk ice creams (Ice cream, semifreddo, sorbet ice cream, etc.)
  • Chocolate products (Chocolates with Private Label, chocolates, etc.)
  • Sugar-free products (Wish Chocolate, Wish Bar, Wish Ice Cream, etc.)


    • An ice cream cart for weddings, baptisms, birthdays or any kind of events.
    • Birthday, wedding, baptism cakes
    • 3D cakes
    • Candy bars for weddings – baptisms – birthdays
    • Glass faucet with Lemonade or Sour Cherry Drink
    • Catering
    • Cookies for birth, baptism, birthday, wedding, inauguration, anniversary

Workshop – shop in Kaligoni, Lefkada

Just outside the city of Lefkada is the second patisserie and the workshop “STAVRAKAS”. The most specialized machines in combination with the excellent raw materials and the experience of the years compose the success, which for us is the appreciation and trust of our customers.

Pastry shop in Agios Minas
in the center of Lefkada

In the patisserie “STAVRAKAS” in the most central part of the city in the square of Agios Minas, you can taste a wide range of products such as pastes, cakes, ice cream, chocolates and chocolates with or without sugar, as well as the pure traditional products of our place.

Tratamento Confectionery

We gathered in this shop the traditional products of Lefkada that are made by us, marrying the purest ingredients and the traditional recipes with the latest technology machines as required by the EU. for the safety of your own health.


The city of ice cream ……… .. !!!

Among 60 flavors of ice cream, it is impossible not to find one that you like !!! Make your own combination of enjoyment as you prefer even on crispy waffle or crepe and even in chocolate pie or pastes, as well as in cakes.

Pantheon art center

In a special area overlooking the lagoon of Lefkada, the Pantheon art center offers services with special attention and care. Concerts, workshops, corporate presentations, exhibitions, seminars, weddings, baptisms, parties. With comfortable parking and impeccable service we coordinate your event with the guarantee of the company STAVRAKAS.


Nioko … It means in the dialect of Lefkada the pasta barley … A special, gourmet shop on the pedestrian street of Lefkada which contains handmade traditional pasta in various flavors, various sauces, porcini mushrooms but also truffle, truffle oil, cold cuts and cheeses olive oil, various spices, strange herbs, rare salts, roe and other products.

Patisserie in Vonitsa

In Eleftheriou Venizelou in Vonitsa, we created a patisserie, where in addition to sweets, cakes, traditional products & ice creams, one can sit at the tables, where there are in the space outside the store and taste our famous waffle with or without ice cream, chocolate pie, braunis, pastes and cakes. Our staff can also inform you about birthday cakes, weddings, baptisms and any kind of social event. In the store you will also find suggestions for gifts as well as a wine cellar.