Wish Spread

Wish  spread


Wish, in order to fulfil our Wish for Healthy Pleasure, created the most nutritious pralines spread free from sugar!

Indulge yourself in the pleasure of Wish Spread avoiding extra sugars and calories. Enjoy the unique combination of high quality hazelnut & cocoa on the taste of Wish Spread praline; a smooth hazelnut and chocolate spread of creamy texture, great aroma & taste free from sugar!
Accompany it with whole-grain bread, in order to increase the dietary fiber content and have  a balanced breakfast.

For the demanding ones, there is the tasty miracle Wish Spread Full Energy, inspired from the Greek tradition, made with Honey, Tahini, Cocoa & Hazelnut Oil!

Wish Spread Full Energy is a combination of nutritional ingredients, rich in minerals, Vitamins & Trace Elements, Fiber.

Wish Spread

Ingredients: sweetener: maltitol, vegetable fat (palm oil, shea butter, kernel oil), milk whey, hazelnut paste (10,4%), fiber, low fat cocoa powder, milk protein and lactose (from milk) concentrate, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavorings: vanillin, hazelnut aroma. Contains soya. May contain traces of other nuts, wheat and eggs.
Available in 220g.