over time, the name STAVRAKAS was completely identified with quality


We have gained the trust of the consumer public and the demand for our products has increased significantly


traditional products of Lefkada produced by us, marrying the purest ingredients and traditional recipes


we support Green Growth and participate in the Collective Alternative Management System (SED-RECYCLING)

Stavrakas SA company

55 years ago, the first STAVRAKAS patisserie was created in Lefkada, as a simple sole proprietorship. Over time, the name STAVRAKAS was completely identified with the quality, while the demand for our products increased significantly, gaining the largest share of the local market. As a result, there was an urgent need to expand our facilities in order to ensure a significantly higher production capacity. Specifically, in the year 1999 a significant investment of 1,680,000 drachmas was made.

Thus, from this year until today, the Company, under the name ANDREAS STAVRAKAS SA operates in a privately owned space of 1,200 sq.m. with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment that meets all the conditions for the processing of raw materials, production and packaging of our final products. In addition, the Quality Management System of our products ISO 22000: 2005, which is strictly adhered to by the company, enables us to offer our consumers high quality products derived from pure raw materials. At this point, we must point out that the selection of our suppliers is done with strict criteria, which ensures the excellent quality of our final products.

The company supports Green Development and participates in the Collective Alternative Management System (SSED-RECYCLING).

The company employs a permanent staff of 15 people. The company’s workforce is highly trained both in matters of production and in matters of standard health conditions that must be observed in the production process. In addition, the company attends several prestigious exhibitions and seminars of the industry every year, so that the staff is constantly informed about new market trends.


Object of the Company

The object of the Company is the confectionery sector as well as the services of coverage – support of events of any type – CATERING.


The company ANDREAS STAVRAKAS SA is a pioneer once again and gives the opportunity to its customers to collect points with the membership card “STAVRAKAS CLUB”. The registration is done in any STAVRAKAS store & the collection of points starts from the first purchase. Points are collected from all STAVRAKAS stores, whether you buy products or services. Each point corresponds to one euro. You are informed about the points, through your mobile, every time you make a purchase.  The first redemption can be made from the first 100 points (first step) and are redeemed only in STAVRAKAS stores. In the next redemption (2º -3º step etc), you can choose from the brochure, your gift, either from the STAVRAKAS stores or from the contracted stores. You can request the brochure from our stores or on the website. For any information the staff of our stores is available to explain to you.

Company Products

  • General Pastry: (Pastes, cakes, etc.)
  • Catering services (receptions, conferences, etc.)
  • Traditional products: (Nougat, pastel, Figs, etc.)
  • Fresh milk ice creams (Ice cream, semifreddo, sorbet ice cream, etc.)
  • Chocolate products (Chocolates with Private Label, chocolates, etc.)
  • Sugar-free products (Wish Chocolate, Wish Bar, Wish Ice Cream, etc.)Regarding the subcategories of the products produced by our company, we must mention that our products without sugar – (WISH chocolate & WISH Bars) are distributed throughout Greece in selected pharmacies, Nut shops, Nutrition centers, Gyms and shops with Food items. In addition, the company STAVRAKAS SA It also has an extroverted character, exporting our products.


An ice cream cart for weddings, baptisms, birthdays or any kind of events.

A “cool” idea for the baptism, the wedding, the party, the inauguration. The stroller comes to your event, with ice cream flavors of your choice. An original idea for your events, which will delight and cool your guests a lot.

Birthday, wedding, baptism cakes

Create a birthday cake with a scene or sugar paste. Baptism and wedding cakes in many different designs and themes. Tell us what you have thought of and we will do it.

3D cakes

The new fashion in cakes is called 3D. Tell us the subject that you like and make a gift to your friend or girlfriend or even to yourselves.


Candy bars for weddings – baptisms – birthdays

Biscuits, muffins, pop cakes, pop slice cakes, macarons, bowls of paste, marshmallows, lollipops, lemonade, sour cherry drink, crispy sweets and anything else you can imagine, are made with passion and love in any theme or color you have in mind for the wedding, the baptism or your birthday.


Glass faucet with Lemonade or Sour Cherry Drink

Cool, freshly squeezed lemonade with mint and mint leaves, sweet sour cherry drink and water, with cups and straws of your choice, depending on the theme you have for your event.





Children’s Parties

Buffet at home

Corporate presentations

Coffee break


New Year’s cake cutting



Cookies for birth, baptism, birthday, wedding, inauguration, anniversary

Wide variety of designs in cookies for any occasion you need. Tell us what theme you want to create and we will let our imagination run wild, for the best result in your event.