Traditional sweet olive oil pie


Oil pie, the traditional dessert with pure virgin olive oil, petimezi & honey.

Traditional recipe of grandmother Sofia, which has been kept intact since ancient times.

Even today we see her next to all the joys of the Lefkada family and not only.

Weddings, baptisms, births of children and celebrations, the “pie” as you usually say in Lefkada, is next to us to remind us of our tradition!

Upon request, we can wrap it like a pouch for your wedding, christening or any other event, with a colored ribbon of your choice.

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  • Package weight: 50-60 gr.
  • Sales unit: kilo.
  • Ingredients: WHEAT Flour, olive oil, sunflower oil, sugar, honey, petimezi, SESAME, cinnamon, cloves. May contain traces of nuts, milk & egg.
  • Storage: in a dry & cool environment.
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